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The Advantages of Metal Braces and How to Care for Them

Written by Crest Hill Family Dental on . Posted in Blog

Relatively new types of dental braces, such as lingual, clear aligners, and ceramic braces seem to overshadow traditional braces. However, if you know how to take care of traditional metal braces, they can give you clear advantages over the contemporary types of braces. Below are some of the benefits of traditional metal braces and how you can care for them.

Why Metal Braces Are Great

Metal braces offer many advantages, from subtle to obvious.

Strong and Durable

Orthodontic treatment is expensive; expect to pay thousands of dollars for dental braces. So you should choose braces that won’t break after a short treatment duration and call for replacement braces. Other braces, such as ceramic, are not that weak, but they are still more likely to break as compared to metal braces.

The risk of breakage is particularly high for those who lead active lifestyles that involve a lot of physical activities. Metal braces stand up to such challenges and are likely to last the duration of treatment.


Since typical orthodontic treatment requires thousands of dollars, every little saving you can get is welcome. Metal braces have an advantage here since they are some of the least expensive.

The relative affordability of metal braces is particularly beneficial to those who don’t have dental insurance. Even if you have dental insurance, your coverage may not extend to braces or may only pay part of it.


Most braces are suitable for specific types and degrees of malocclusion. For example, lingual braces that sit on the inside of the teeth (the tongue side) are only suitable for minor teeth improvements. Your dentist will advise against lingual braces if you have serious malocclusion.

Metal braces have no such restrictions; they can tackle all manner of malocclusion. Whether your teeth are seriously crooked or crowded, metal braces will sort you out. Dentists routinely advise those with serious malocclusion to get traditional metal braces.

Fast Acting

Orthodontic treatment usually goes for several months. Most people have to wear braces for 18 to 24 months, but the duration can be as long as three years. The specific period depends on various factors such as the degree of malocclusion, how well you follow your dentist’s advice, and even the type of braces, among other things.

Metal braces have an advantage here because they work relatively fast. The treatment speed is a great benefit to those who are self-conscious about their braces (metal braces are fairly visible).

How to Benefit From Metal Braces

If you don’t take care of your traditional metal braces, you might think that they are inferior to other types of braces, while your inadequate care is the problem. Here are a few ways to take care of your dental braces to avoid complications:

  • Brush and floss your teeth daily to maintain great oral hygiene. Braces trap food debris that may trigger dental complications if you are not vigilant with your oral hygiene.
  • Avoid hard and chewy foods. Such foods may damage the brackets on your braces and delay your treatment progress.
  • Wear a mouth guard when you play contact sports. The mouth guard prevents damage to your braces that may delay your dental alignment.
  • Seek help from your dentist immediately you suspect damage to your braces. Don’t delay or try DIY adjustment of the braces.
  • Keep all your appointments with the dentist. The dentist will adjust your braces and spot and rectify any problems before they interfere with treatment.

If you heed the above advice, you can enjoy the advantages of traditional metal braces. Contact Crest Hill Family Dental if you need orthodontic treatment. We will assess your malocclusion and advise you on the best orthodontic treatment for your case.

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