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Models With Car-Crash Dental Damage Should Consider Smile Makeovers

Written by Crest Hill Family Dental on . Posted in Blog

Individuals who want to be models must keep their appearance as flawless as possible. Unfortunately, a car crash could cause dental health problems that negatively affect a promising model’s smile. This situation must be addressed with a smile makeover or the model’s career may be over before it begins.

When Do Car Crashes Cause Severe Dental Trauma?

Car crashes can cause a variety of injury types. One injury type that rarely gets mentioned is dental problems. For example, a model in a car crash may hit their face on the steering wheel or airbag and severely chip or damage one or more teeth.

Unfortunately, dental damage of this type tends to open up the mouth to other problems. For example, a tooth chipped on a steering wheel is more susceptible to plaque and bacteria and may decay more quickly. Sadly, these issues may cause a premature end to a promising model’s career. 

Why Do Damaged Teeth Impact a Model’s Career?

Though some models don’t have flawless teeth, a perfect smile is typically considered a benefit in the modeling world. For example, Buzzfeed showcased before and after smile photos of celebrities who received extensive dental treatment in a way that highlighted the improvement. Though this article may seem trite, it indicates how the celebrity world emphasizes physical appearances. 

As a result, an up-and-coming model may find their career options limited due to poor teeth. For example, a model with a chipped or crooked tooth caused by a car accident may find that photographers either ask them not to smile or refuse to hire them. Therefore, models in this situation should seriously consider a high-quality smile makeover. 

How Does a Smile Makeover Help?

A smile makeover is a complete overhaul of a person’s dental appearance that focuses on improving the appearance of their smile. A good smile makeover improves multiple elements of a model’s damaged smile by doing such things as enhancing the alignment and spacing of their teeth, eliminating gaps, replacing missing teeth, and creating an evener balance throughout their teeth. 

However, a smile makeover doesn’t just stop at the teeth. For example, a model can also improve the appearance of their lips and cheeks and make them fuller and more attractive. This benefit is particularly useful for models who suffer facial injuries, bruises, and inflammation after a severe accident.

What Smile Makeover Procedures Are Useful?

Smile makeovers offer comprehensive dental improvement across an individual’s entire mouth. The Consumer’s Guide to Dentistry discusses many of these procedures, including dental veneers, tooth implants, teeth whitening, and composite bonding. Each of these processes can improve a model’s smile after a severe or dangerous car accident. 

For example, tooth implants replace any teeth that have fallen out during or after the accident. Composite bonding and veneers improve the surface of severely damaged teeth and make them stronger and more resistant to plaque and decay. Whitening may be necessary for models who either smoked before the accident or who received stains from debris during the crash. 

Once a model improves their smile after an accident, they can receive regular checkups to ensure that their smile looks great. For example, regular whitening helps models who can’t quit smoking while veneer repairs keep their smile looking beautiful for years to come. And regular dental checkups ensure that any minor problems caused by the crash don’t become significant issues.

Which Professionals Can Perform These Procedures?

Any model who has suffered from dental damage in a car accident deserves a high-quality smile to improve their chances of success. Thankfully, models in this situation can contact Crest Hill Family Dental right away to schedule an inspection appointment so that they can get the kind of smile makeover procedure that they need to improve their chances of success in their chosen field. Call today to learn more.

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