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Laser Dentistry for Joliet, IL

When it comes to advanced dental practices, you want the best providers possible. Crest Hill
Family Dental has served the Joliet, IL, area for more than 30 years, and in that time we have
followed growing trends and new technology in the dental field. One of these trends is laser dentistry.

Crest Hill Family Dental performs laser dentistry for Joliet, IL, for patients of al} ages. We are
licensed providers of dental services using the Waterlase laser system. Laser dentistry is safe,
quiet, and a more efficient way to take care of your dental treatment, so schedule your appointment today.

Precise, Efficient Service

Laser dentistry uses an intense beam of light to remove tissue, like the bacteria that causes
cavities and diseased gum tissue. Because a laser is so precise and efficient, dentists in some
cases don’t need to use a drill or administer anesthesia in routine procedures.

Laser dentistry is ideal for patients who find themselves anxious about pain or noises commonly
associated with dental treatment. Our experienced professionals are trained to use the Waterlase
laser system, so you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands.

To schedule an appointment today or request laser dentistry services, call us at 815-439-Ill 1~
We look forward to your call!

Crest Hill
Family Dental

2410 W Caton Farm Rd, Suite C
Crest Hill, IL 60403
Phone: (815) 439-1111
Fax: (815) 439-9709

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Second Saturday of each month 10 AM - 4 PM

Please call for your appointment as our available hours are subject to change.