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The Benefits of Laser Dentistry for Patients With Anxiety

Written by Crest Hill Family Dental on . Posted in Blog

So many children have fears of going to the dentist, which can make dental appointments difficult for parents when they take their kids in for visits. If your child fears the dentist, you should talk to your family dentist about laser dentistry. This newer form of dentistry makes procedures less painful and less traumatic, and it could help your child overcome his or her fear of the dentist.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is something that dentists have used for several decades. However, laser dentistry is not something that all dentists offer. With laser dentistry, dentists use a laser and water to perform a variety of dental procedures. Lasers are commonly used today for many types of medical treatments, and they offer a lot of benefits over traditional forms of treatments.

When a dentist uses a laser, the laser emits high-energy light. This light, mixed with water, can treat many oral issues.

How Does Laser Dentistry Help with Fears?

With the use of a laser, dental work is much less scary for people of all ages, and this helps tremendously with children. A laser has a great deal of power without having to hear the sound of a drill. Some people are frightened simply by the sound and smell that accompanies a dental drill. A laser eliminates these sounds and smells.

A laser uses light and water to treat oral issues, making procedures less painful. In fact, a lot of people do not even need any anesthesia for dental procedures when the dentist performs them with a laser instead of a drill or other tools.

Less pain and less noise are two of the top benefits offered by lasers, but there are others as well. When a dentist uses a laser, there is a smaller chance of an infection forming in the person’s mouth. The use of a laser also reduces the amount of bleeding that occurs during and after procedures. Because they don’t bleed as much, dental wounds tend to heal faster with laser procedures.

Finally, a dental laser helps dentists target problems more accurately. This means that the procedure will not affect more of the tooth or gums than necessary.

All of these reasons make going through dental procedures easier, less painful, and less disturbing. After a child, or even an adult, goes through a procedure with a laser instead of a traditional method, he or she may no longer fear visiting the dentist.

What Can Dentists Use Lasers For?

Today, dentists use lasers for many dental procedures, including to treat and remove cavities. The power from the laser can easily remove decay from a tooth without drilling it out. Dentists also use lasers to perform gum disease treatments.

In addition, dentists often use lasers for cavity detection too. When they utilize a laser for this purpose, they can spot cavities before they can find them through other types of cavity-detection methods. If you can find small cavities and treat them quickly, it is easier for the patient to go through.

If your child fears the dentist, try encouraging him or her to go once more and give laser dentistry a try. This form of dentistry works for both kids and adults, but it is perfect for anyone who has any level of fear toward dental work. However, although laser dentistry is wonderful, it isn’t appropriate for all situations. Ask your dentist if laser dentistry will work for you or your child.

Dental fears are extremely common with people of all ages, but laser dentistry can change this. If you would like to learn more about laser dentistry for you or your kids, contact Crest Hill Family Dental today. We can give you more information about laser dentistry and can schedule a visit for you today.


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