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4 Things You Should Never Be Embarrassed to Ask a Dentist

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When it comes to your dental health, there is nothing that should be off the table. Take a step forward and ask for help to dramatically change the health of your mouth. An experienced dentist has seen it all and anything you ask will not be surprising or judged in any way.

Learn about four questions that may have crossed your mind and why you should ask them at your next dentist appointment.

1. How Should I Brush My Teeth?

We brush our teeth on a daily basis for the majority of our life, but have you ever wondered if you’re brushing correctly? You do not have to be a child to get a refresher on the best methods for brushing your teeth. A dentist can give you direct instructions for the way you should move your brush around, what areas to focus on, and how long you should brush your teeth.

During a routine cleaning, a dentist will notice areas where your mouth is more prone to plaque build-up and can teach you how to focus on the specific area and what direction to brush.

2. How Should I Floss My Teeth?

Right after you get a lesson on brushing, you can ask a dentist about flossing. While flossing is recommended on a daily basis, everyone’s mouth is different. A more crowded mouth may work better with floss picks than general floss. If your mouth is more prone to gum pockets, then a dentist may recommend a water flosser.

Through a routine exam, a dentist will give you a recommendation and go through the proper steps to floss your teeth. You may even get the chance to showcase how you floss and get tips and pointers along the way. Learning proper flossing methods will help you remove bacteria and food particles from your teeth while preventing cavities and gum infections.

3. Why Does My Breath Smell?

​Having bad breath may feel embarrassing, but if you do not bring it up to a dentist, then you may not find a cure for the problem. A dentist wears a mask during an appointment and they may not be aware of any breath issues. If you’ve noticed you’ve had more instances of bad breath, a dentist can help pinpoint a cause.

Bad breath has many causes and a dentist will use the process of elimination to determine your cause. For example, you may have a constant dry mouth which causes bad breath. A dentist can provide bad breath solutions and help return your mouth odors to normal.

A dentist may provide free samples of mouthwashes and other products that help combat the effects of bad breath. A dentist can provide steps to take beyond the typical brushing and flossing. Once you go through new routines, you can reverse the effects of bad breath.

4. Do You Think I Need Whiter Teeth?

Another tooth feature that can make people feel self-conscious is decolorization. If you want whiter teeth, you should not hesitate to ask if your dentist thinks you need a teeth whitening treatment. Many food and drink habits can lead to teeth losing their bright white looks. If you drink coffee, tea, or soda on a regular basis, then you may have stains on your teeth.

If you consume a lot of sugar, then the enamel could be worn on your teeth, causing decolorization. Along with changes in your eating habits, a dentist can provide a whitening treatment to completely transform your teeth. A dentist can easily tell the different color tones in teeth, especially with the lights used in the dental office.

Make an appointment and have all your questions answered with our professionals at Crest Hill Family Dental. Our dentists will provide you with all the details you request and ensure you have a healthy smile for years to come.

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