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4 Questions You May Have About Dental Implants

Written by Crest Hill Family Dental on . Posted in Blog

A missing tooth can make you feel embarrassed when around others, which is why you may be looking to do something about it. While dental implants could be the answer to your problem, it is understandable to have questions about the procedure before you move forward with it. Here are common questions you may have about dental implants.

Why Not Use a Dental Bridge?

One of the alternatives to a dental implant to remedy a missing tooth is a dental bridge. While a dental bridge will correct the cosmetic issue by filling the gap where the tooth is missing, a bridge may not always be the best solution. For instance, a bridge is just anchored by the surrounding teeth, and the bridge can become loose if there is a problem with those teeth.

An implant works by securing itself directly to your jawbone, which will eventually integrate with the implant over time. The jawbone and implant become one, making the replacement tooth more secure than a bridge ever could be. In addition, the implant being placed in the jawbone gives it necessary stimulation to keep the jawbone healthy, which will keep your surrounding teeth healthy as well.

How Do You Maintain the Dental Implant?

The good news is that not much will change in terms of your dental hygiene. A dental implant should be treated like a real tooth, which means regular brushing and flossing to keep it healthy.

The tooth may be fake and the root made of titanium, but bacteria can still collect around the tooth and impact the health of your gums. While you may think an implant is impervious to damage, it still needs regular cleaning.

One of the leading causes of dental implant failure is an infection, which can be caused by not brushing your teeth and allowing bacteria to get into the gums. Over time, your dental implant will start to come loose and potentially fail. You’ll need to visit a dentist again to have any issues with gum disease treated before they can move forward with fixing the implant.

Will the Dental Implant Feel Unnatural?

A common concern by potential dental implant receivers is how the implant feels once it is installed. While there will be an initial adjustment period to the dental implant, it will eventually feel natural to you just as if it was a real tooth.

Just imagine how any new dental work feels right afterward. You may get a filling placed in a tooth and find yourself constantly running your tongue over the spot for the next week or so because the feeling is different from what you normally experience. After a while, the dental work feels natural and you’ll think nothing of it.

Can You Eat Anything With a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is one of the strongest methods to replace a tooth, which is why many people choose it over dentures and bridges. They want to go back to eating their favorite foods and not think much about what will damage their replacement tooth.

While it is typically safe to go back to eating the same foods that you ate before, you want to be aware of certain foods that can leave particles in your mouth. Tiny items have the potential to get stuck around the dental implant, such as sesame seeds.

Tiny food particles won’t damage the implant, but you need to be aware of that they can cause the gums to become inflamed if they become stuck around the implant.

Have more questions about dental implants? Know that Crest Hill Family Dental is there to help. 


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