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4 Benefits Waterlase Lasers for Dental Procedures

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Whiten TeethTechnology is changing the way that dental procedures are being performed. A dental laser, called a Waterlase laser, is able to remove decay from a tooth, remove decay from the tooth root, and deep clean your roots and teeth to help prevent gum disease and treat existing gum disease.

If you have never heard of a Waterlase laser, you may be wondering what the benefits are to using this tool for your dental procedures, compared to traditional tools, such as a dental drill or dental scalpel. Here are four of those benefits. 

1. Reduces Pain During Dental Procedures

A Waterlase laser shoots a stream of water at your teeth or gums, while also using an energy-based laser beam. The stream of water helps to keep the teeth or gums cool, which decreases pain, swelling and sensitivity. The laser helps to reduce the amount of pressure that you feel.

Compared to traditional dentistry tools, such as a dental drill, a Waterlase laser is able to reduce the amount things that you feel during common dental procedures, such as deep gum cleanings, prep work to fill a cavity and a root canal. This may result in less anesthetic being used or no anesthetic being used. It also helps to increase your comfort during a procedure. 

2. Minimizes the Amount of Tooth Loss During Fillings

A Waterlase laser is able to more accurately and concisely target the damaged part of the tooth. It can remove smaller areas from the tooth, which can reduce the amount of tooth loss that occurs prior to a cavity being filled. This helps to keep your teeth stronger and helps to prevent cracking and chipping in the future. 

3. Reduces Your Recovery Time

Waterlase reduces the amount of anesthetics that are needed, and helps to reduce pain. All in all, this helps to reduce your recovery time following a dental procedure. You may leave the dental office feeling better than you ever have before after having a cavity filled or deep gum cleaning performed. 

4. May Reduce the Number of Dental Visits You Need

When you have treatments done using a Waterlase laser, more dental work can be done in one sitting. This allows someone who may need multiple procedures to have all of their work done at once. 

Here at Crest Hill Family Dental, we are proud to offer cutting-edge treatment options to our patients. Contact us today if you need to have a dental procedure performed to learn if a Waterlase laser can be used for your treatment.

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