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3 Surprising Reasons Why You May Have a Toothache

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A bad tooth can cause you tremendous discomfort, not to mention sudden bursts of excruciating pain. You may also have difficulty performing the simplest tasks if the toothache becomes unbearable.

A toothache can result from several oral issues, most of which you can prevent. Learn more about the most common reasons for a painful tooth and what you can do if you develop this problem.

Tooth Cavities 

Tooth cavities or dental carries are tiny holes on permanently damaged teeth resulting from prolonged bacterial action. Although some cavities may cause you no pain, you might experience great discomfort if the cavities are deep enough.

Larger cavities expose your tooth to sensitivity problems and nerve damage. Since the harmful oral bacteria can cause decay, you might experience great pain if the damage extends to nerves and blood vessels in the tooth pulp. You could have difficulty chewing food or brushing the affected tooth.

A tooth cavity can be from:

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Consumption of sugary foods or drinks
  • A dry mouth
  • Regular snacking

Although dental cavities are easily preventable, most people may fail to prioritize their dental health until things go wrong. Proper brushing and flossing can help prevent toothaches from dental cavities. You could also maintain a regular dental schedule to help your dentist keep tabs on your oral health.

However, if you already have a painful cavity, your dentist might fill the affected tooth to prevent further damage. They could also advise that you brush the affected part gently so to avoid aggravating the discomfort.

Receding Gums 

Your gums might recede as you grow older. Sometimes, this problem is hereditary, although other factors such as aggressive brushing might cause further gum recession. When your gums pull back, your teeth roots may be exposed. Eventually, your teeth may start to feel more sensitive than usual. You’re far more likely to develop tooth infections that could cause toothaches.  

Also, you may develop serious gum infections including periodontal disease. Periodontal disease gets worse after harmful bacteria starts to eat away at your gums. You may also notice inflammation below the gumline, which might feel a lot like a toothache.

If you don’t get treatment on time, gum and tooth infections could cause extensive bone damage. You may need to undergo corrective surgery as a result.

While you may get treatment for such oral problems, you can always adopt practices to protect yourself from recession. Avoid brushing your teeth too hard, and see your dentist regularly for routine checkups.

But if receding gums are already a problem for you, your dentist could suggest scaling and root planing procedures. For advanced gum recession, your dental surgeon might perform gum graft surgery instead.

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Most people who grind their teeth, especially when they’re asleep, don’t even realize they do. However, excessive grinding can cause pain in your jaws and teeth. Because your teeth rub against each other with such great force, you could easily develop cracked teeth, which can be very painful.

Additionally, bruxism can eat away at the tooth enamel and expose the dentin. If nothing protects the dentin, you may experience great pain when you bite down or drink cold and hot beverages. The resulting strain from bruxism can also cause pain in your neck and face.

Restorative dental procedures can help repair the damage from bruxism. However, if the damage isn’t too bad, your dentist could recommend a custom mouth guard that you can use while sleeping. The device limits the pressure on your jaws and teeth if bruxism occurs.

Don’t let a stubborn toothache get in the way. Contact Crest Hill Family Dental if you want a quick and reliable solution to your pain.

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