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3 Reasons to Consider a Power Toothbrush for Your Child

Written by Crest Hill Family Dental on . Posted in Blog

Kids lose everything, which is why most parents opt for the least expensive dental tools possible. However, not all toothbrushes are created equal, and modern power toothbrushes offer benefits that manual varieties simply can’t match. Here are three reasons to consider upgrading your child’s toothbrush to a power version and why you won’t regret the investment. 

  1. Make Brushing Easier

Young children are still fine-tuning their motor skills, which can make it hard to brush effectively. While kids as young as six should be able to brush their teeth on their own, it isn’t always easy for children to master the small movements involved in traditional brushing.

In addition to moving toothbrushes back and forth, kids should also be brushing their teeth in a circular motion at a 45-degree angle to the gum line. Unfortunately, this action can be difficult — especially if your child’s motor skill development has fallen behind due to other health issues.  

However, power toothbrushes made for kids are designed to make brushing easier. Since power toothbrushes don’t require a constant back-and-forth movement, kids can focus more on holding their brush at the right angle against their teeth, improving technique.

Many electric toothbrushes also contain built-in timers, making it easy for kids to tell when they are finished with their morning or evening oral hygiene routine. With a simple buzz, beep, or automatic shutoff, many toothbrushes can also show kids they are applying too much pressure, which reduces the likelihood of an oral injury.

If your child seems to struggle with brushing, ask them if they would be interested in trying a different kind of toothbrush. Talk about how some toothbrushes do some of the work for you, and explain that many power toothbrushes made for kids are available in the same colors and character themes as the manual version they might be using.

  1. Improve Plaque Removal

In addition to being easier for kids to use, studies have shown that power toothbrushes are more effective at removing plaque. In fact, in a short-term study that followed the use of power toothbrushes compared to manual versions, electric toothbrushes removed 11% more plaque than traditional toothbrushes and reduced the chances of gum disease by 17% after being used for three months.

Although many parents don’t worry too much about gingivitis, kids can develop this serious oral condition too, putting their overall health at risk. Childhood gingivitis can cause the same list of problems that impact adults, including bad breath, inflamed gum tissue, and even early tooth loss.

Fortunately, you might be able to prevent problems if you update your child’s toothbrush.

  1. Tie Into Online Apps

Wouldn’t it be nice if your child looked forward to brushing their teeth? Although it might seem like an impossible feat, tooth brushing can become a fun game when your child uses a power toothbrush.

To make brushing teeth fun and interesting, some manufacturers now offer power toothbrushes for kids that tie into online apps. With the touch of a button, your child can brush their teeth alongside a game that shows their teeth in cartoon form, encouraging kids to brush away the bad guys.

Some children’s toothbrush programs even track brushing habits, giving parents crucial information about trouble areas, total brushing time, and game progress.  

Learning how to take care of your child’s teeth isn’t always easy, which is why we encourage families to make routine dental appointments. Here at Crest Hill Family Dental, our team works hard to create an environment where kids feel comfortable. Whether you are experiencing dental pain or one of your children has a new tooth issue, our dentists can help. Stop by today to learn more about our office.


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